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" With my Photography & Art I strive to make images in a similar way Claude Debussy composed his music.

Thought provoking but soothing and usually
sympathetic to the human condition. “


. Studied photography at PSC (Photography Studies College) in the 1980's in Melbourne Australia.  

. Interested primarily in Photography / Art that centres around people utilizing religious imagery where possible.

. Digital artist using his own photography and others creating Pop Art style images and also more provocative ideas like the Ronald & Jesus series.

 . Mixed media artist using wood, prints and whatever comes to hand!

. Influences - Henri Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier,
 Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Mark Ryden,
 all things Baroque, Existential philosophy and Claude Debussy.

. Released a 100 page retrospective book of Photography in 2018

. Lived in Munich Germany for over 6 years.

. Other passions include guitar playing, Beatlesque song writing and recording.

       B. A. TAYLOR

                        Photographer /

                                Designer /

                          Mixed Media Artist

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Candle White 100 copy.jpg
Angel gold Left copy.jpg


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